An effective communication system is essential within an organisation. Without one, managing incoming and outgoing calls can put considerable operational and financial strains on your organisation and, worse, create a negative impression on those who contact you also amongst team members. 

Infotech Pro Solutions, alongside its reputable partner, can provide different telephony solutions depending on your business needs:- Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solution Microsoft Teams Voice

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solution:

VoIP is a technology that allows businesses to make and receive calls via an internet connection rather than a phone line. Cloud Voice over IP gives you all the features of a traditional telephone system and more. It’s suitable for businesses of all sizes. Phone calls between your VoIP handsets are always free, which is perfect for international calls. Small businesses find it to be an easy, cost-effective solution. 

Infotech Pro Solutions, thru its reputable partners, offer very affordable VoIP solutions for your Business, which will be Promoting Flexibility, Productivity, Resilience and growth in your industry. 


Microsoft Teams Voice:

Microsoft Teams voice enables users to make and receive external calls via the Teams client to people outside the organisation teams environment. Businesses save money by replacing an existing telephone system with Teams voice, and it will be managed under the organisation Microsoft Office 365.  

Benefits Includes: 

  1. Potential Cost Savings 
  2. Easy Management and Support 
  3. Easy to use 
  4. Less Hardware  
  5. Remote friendly 
  6. Secure 



If you are an existing Teams user or are in the process of adopting Teams for collaboration, files, and conferencing, talk to our team of experts today. Thru our reputable partners, we can get the ball rolling in no time. 

Please contact us today via – 02071646497 or leave an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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