Hardware & Software management consulting

No matter the size of your organisation or business, good quality IT equipments are an essential part of the effective operations of the business. Making sure you and your team are equipped with the right hardware and the right software for all your business needs is what we look after by asking questions to advice on the right equipment for your organisation’s IT needs.

Network installation & Troubleshooting

Most Businesses or Organisations that make use of computers need a properly installed network connection to help the business run smoothly. Once a network is properly installed, it should run smoothly 99% of the time.

Remote working solutions

Archiving data is essential to every organisation to avoid data disaster. Security of data should be one of the most important things on any organisation’s IT agenda. We have a range of products and services to ensure that in the event of a disaster, your business can get back to work as quickly as possible (Online Backup, Disaster recovery, Mobile backup and Cloud to cloud)

Microsoft 365 Setup & Installations

Most start up business requires this service to help identify the IT design and structure needed to make the business run smoothly and effectively once it began operations. Businesses looking at upgrading their IT infrastructure requires this service to help put the right equipment in place to avoid disaster as this may affect businesses from running effectively.

Health Check & Regular Maintenance

It’s very necessary for every IT based business or organisation to perform regular health check and regular maintenance on the IT infrastructure as this helps avoid unexpected error, security breaches or crises within the organisation. Our Comprehensive IT health check involves full and thorough assessment of your entire infrastructure including Physical hardware, software, IT network, security and disaster recovery.

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