Adopting the latest technology can reshape your business, keeping it up to date, ahead of the curve, and aligned with your business growth goals.

Our Business Transformation Services will give your Business renewed efficiency and design new ways of working to help your organisation grow at a much faster pace. It's expertly designed and tailored to your Business and your Business alone.

IT infrastructure and Transformation consultancy:

Our highly qualified IT Consultants, Project Managers, and Cyber Security specialists use their expert knowledge to develop and implement a package of IT Consultancy and IT outsourcing services based on each client’s/Business’s requirements. 

Our IT Infrastructure Consultancy service includes the design of new IT Infrastructure Solutions and further enhancing existing Infrastructure setups. We help transform businesses by designing, planning, and implementing strategic Digital Transformation Consulting, Business IT solutions, and IT outsourcing services seamlessly aligned to your business strategy, objectives, and operating setup. We also work alongside prominent in-house IT Teams providing specialist IT Transformation Consulting for internal projects. 

We are often appointed to take full ownership of medium or large-scale IT projects, from concept to completion. These can include: 

  • Public, private and hybrid cloud adoption projects 
  • Digital Transformation projects 
  • Microsoft Server virtualisation projects 
  • IT infrastructure and design or Infrastructure refresh projects 
  • Strategic Cyber Security projects 
  • Network security implementation projects 
  • Microsoft Exchange Server upgrade and migration projects 
  • On-prem Data migration to Cloud projects 
  • Business IT solutions Projects 
  • Domain Migration Projects 


Digital Transformation Consultancy:

Digitally transformed organisations are those that realign and bring together people, data, and processes to create a more efficient organisation. This enables a heightened level of customer experience, which, in turn, assists with the retention and fast growth. These organisations are highly regarded and quickly accelerate into the lead in a highly competitive marketplace. At infotech Pro Solutions our Digital Transformation Consultants are highly experienced and help you achieve your business transformation goals. 

Working with our Digital Transformation consultants will result in your organisation being digitally transformed and strategically powered by a combination of the leading industry applications and tools with a workforce that fully embraces the technology. As experts in Digital Transformation consultancy, we will ensure that all your organisation’s documents are securely managed and accessed from one central hub. In line with GDPR, access permissions can be assigned, and you can control which users can do with those documents. E.g., read-only, do not print, do not email etc. 

All documents and data will be securely archived in the Cloud but still accessible when required using an easy-to-use content search. This also features an audit log so your data managers can monitor what has been accessed and by who. 

Infotech Pro solutions offer Business IT solutions where businesses can pick and choose from a variety of fixed price, fixed outcome business IT Support solutions designed to transform every business area. IT Support solutions specifically designed for companies who are looking to either outsource their entire IT or specific IT elements to specialist providers, i.e., Email Migration for M365, Security Management, Microsoft SharePoint solution, Teams Collaboration & Power BI.

Please contact us today via – 02071646497 or leave an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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